Week 33 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby’s eyes become sensitive and he or she may need to close them while sleeping in your womb. Your baby is developing regular sleep/wake cycles. It is very common for baby’s to give a sharp kick when they wake up from their naps.

At this stage your baby should also be somersaulted so that the head is against the uterus. This is why you are feeling kicks against your uterus.

Changes To Your Body

You may have difficulty sleeping. You may also be a bit sleep deprived because you are dealing with numerous side effects including leg cramps, heartburn and the need to constantly go to the bathroom.

Lifestyle Considerations

This week take the time to buy a car seat and have it properly fitted. You will need this to be ready for your trip home from the hospital.

Good Advice

If heartburn is a problem try eating dinner an hour earlier than you usually do.

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