Week 35 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby should weigh at least 2 kilos by now. Everything should be in place and functioning, all your baby has to do now is put on some weight. 97% of babies are positioned head down and ready for delivery. If your baby is still head up your doctor or midwife may manually try to manipulate the baby to turn using external massage.If this doesn’t work you may need to schedule a caesarean in a few weeks time.


As the baby gets heavier you may feel a tingling or numbness near your hips, triggered by their extra weight pressing on your nerves.When your baby moves you may see your belly moving and jumping.


During one of your upcoming doctor or midwife visits, you’ll be tested for Group B streptococcus (GBS). GBS is a type of bacteria that’s found in the digestive tracks of more than thirty percent of women. The test takes the form of a vaginal swab which you do yourself. If you test positive, you will be treated with antibiotics as this type of bacteria can harm the baby during delivery.


This is a good week to get a haircut so you can look your best in all the pictures that are going to be taken of you at the hospital!

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