Week 27 Of Your Pregnancy

This is the first week of the third trimester! By now your baby is at least 20 centimetres from crown to rump and weighs just under one kilo. He or she will gain around 250 grams each week for the next ten weeks.


You are probably putting on around 500 grams a week, which is normal. Your ribcage will have expanded all the way up to your belly and you will look unmistakably pregnant. Pregnancy swelling can occur around this time and you might notice your ankles, feet and face looking a bit puffy. If your fingers are swelling up you may want to take off your wedding rings or other jewellery.


Excessive wind can be a problem around this time as your expanding uterus might be putting extra pressure in that area. Pregnancy hormones can also make your digestive system slow down which means that you could find you are more gassy than usual. Eating smaller meals more frequently can reduce the strain on your digestive system and help reduce the problem.


Try to eat as healthily as possible but avoid dieting even if you are worried about how much weight you are gaining. Nutrition is more important at this stage than being size eight straight after your baby is born.

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