" Nipple Shields
Nipple Shields

Breastfeeding through breast and nipple problems

Problems with your breasts or nipples should not prevent you from breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding is a very special experience for both mother and baby. However, some women do experience difficulties in breastfeeding and would prefer to give it up completely.

Nipple Shields can help you if you suffer from breastfeeding problems. They enable you to breastfeed your baby despite these difficulties. The Nipple Shields protect your nipples during feeding and also help your baby to latch-on. The special shape offers maximum skin contact.

A nipple shield can help to aid you through these early days and can be used whilst breastfeeding if suffering from sensitive, chapped or inverted nipples. Whilst still allowing baby to feel and smell the mother’s skin.

Breastfeeding should not hurt. A little bit of nipple tenderness is normal during the early days. However, sore, bleeding or cracked nipples are not normal and should be checked by your lactation consultant or health care provider.

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