Nipple Shields

Breastfeeding through breast and nipple problems

Even though some tenderness in the early days of breastfeeding is rather common, breastfeeding should not generally hurt. Sore nipples can be caused by the baby not being positioned, latched on or removed from the breast correctly. If you experience nipple pain, always contact your lactation consultant.

Nipple Shields can help if you are suffering with breastfeeding problems where your baby is unable to latch, your baby is preterm, your nipples are sore and damaged, you have flat or inverted nipples or an overactive let-down reflex.

Medela Contact Nipple Shields offer a durable, comfortable and convenient way to make breastfeeding easier. These nipple shields are designed to help mums breastfeed babies with latch-on difficulties by providing a larger, firmer target for latching. The Contact Nipple Shields are specially designed and constructed to provide closer contact for your baby. Nipple shields can help enable you to breastfeed your baby despite these difficulties.

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