Week 25 Of Your Pregnancy

By this week, all your baby’s bones have fully developed, although they haven’t finished hardening so they’re still rubbery. This week, your baby’s pushes, kicks and rolls will probably occur more frequently – and forcefully.


Most parents-to-be attend antenatal classes during the third trimester. Classes can help you feel more relaxed, confident, and prepared for labour. It’s also a fantastic way to meet other expectant parents and make contacts for future baby play dates. These classes are offered at most hospitals and birth centres. Your doctor or midwife can also recommend a class in your area.


You may want to start thinking about your birthing options if you haven’t already. Things to consider include who you want to be present at the baby’s birth and what level of medical intervention and pain relief is ideal for you.


If it’s difficult for you or your partner to make a weekly antenatal class, many hospitals offer intensive weekend courses so you can still be prepared and have the opportunity to meet other parents to be. Antenatal classes are a good way to make your partner feel more connected to the pregnancy and give him a chance to meet other expectant dads.

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