Legal Paperwork After Birth

After childbirth, regardless where you have your baby, whether it is at home or at a birthing centre, you will need to fill out certain legal paperwork and there are a number of essential administrative tasks that needs to be completed.

Hospital Birth Paperwork

The hospital will provide you with a form to complete for registering your baby’s birth. You can check if the hospital that you chose for the birth of your child allows preparing ahead. Some hospitals allow and encourage parents to come in before the date of birth and fill out hospital forms just before contractions become strong and regular. The form has an official section which will have been completed by the hospital. Once completed, the hospital or birthing centre will often accept the form on your behalf. However, if you forgot to submit them in the hospital, you can give it to the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages or a local Magistrates Courts office.

There are things to consider upon making legal paper works done and it includes:

  1. Decide on your baby’s name. This information is necessary in order for some of the paperwork to be legal.
  2. A complete name of the mother and father as well as their places of birth is also important for the birth certificate.
  3. Another thing to prepare is the parent’s social security numbers. These numbers is required when you fill out the form to apply for your child’s social security number.You can ask assistance from the hospital staff if you need it.

If all these things are kept in mind, your baby’s paperwork will be done and you can put your main focus on your newly born baby.

Home Birth Paperwork

Even though you have a home birth and a midwife, you still need to complete certain paper work. The legal paper work for your child’s birth certificate and social security number will apply regardless of having an unassisted birth or choose to have a midwife. The task for your midwife and the amount of paper work is going to be different depending on the state that you live in.

Legal Paperwork For Unmarried Couples And Single Mothers

Acknowledgement of paternity (AOP) – It is a record that gives acknowledgment of your child’s father. It is required if you want to put the birth father’s name in your baby’s birth certificate. This is also necessary if you want the father to give child support to your baby.
Notarised A – It could be anyone who was present during our childbirth. She/he will sign a notarised A along with you to state being a witness of the birthing process.

Birth Certificate Application

You can get a birth certificate at any courthouse in the state that your baby was born in and you need to provide the following information.

  • Full name of baby named on the certificate
  • Date of birth
  • Sex of the baby
  • County or city of birth
  • Hospital where the birth took place or other location
  • Maiden name of mother
  • Full name of father
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