Week 23 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby’s lungs will grow extensively this week, but they  are still getting all their oxygen from the placenta. Although your baby won’t take their first breath until they are born, the lungs will develop and strengthen over the next few weeks.


You may be depleted of nutrients as your body diverts them all to your baby. Iron deficiency can be a problem at this time and doctors sometimes prescribe iron supplements during the second half of pregnancy, in addition to regular prenatal vitamins.Contact your doctor immediately if you notice excessive fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath or dizziness as these can be symptoms of iron deficiency.


You are getting heavier and this can cause problems with your feet. Now is the time to put away the high heels and switch to flat shoes to avoid putting too much pressure on your back.

Don’t be surprised if your feet increase by up to half a shoe size. They may go back to normal after the birth or they may stay bigger permanently (a good excuse to go shoe shopping).


Talk to your baby whenever you can as he or she can now recognise your voice. This can be a great way of starting the bonding process, especially for your partner.

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