" Premature Babies

Premature Babies

Breastfeeding a Premmie Baby

Babies learn and mature their sucking and swallowing reflexes usually in the womb. In the last trimester of pregnancy, a baby is swallowing around 700ml of amniotic fluid per day! Perfect practice for when a full-term baby is...

Bonding With Your Premature Baby

There is much focus on bonding with your premature baby after they are born and indeed many hospitals have a policy of immediate skin to skin contact and a first breastfeed to be undertaken in the first hour, if possible....

Coping with a Premature Birth – Before and After Birth

No matter what the circumstances surrounding your baby’s early arrival - it is almost certainly a stressful experience. Learning in advance that your baby may be born early can leave you feeling anxious and worried for your...

Taking Your Premmie Baby Home

Taking your premmie baby home is a milestone. There is much anticipation around taking a baby home from the hospital for the first time - and more so when that baby is premature. A premature baby is one that arrives early -...

What is a Premature Birth?

A premature birth is one that takes place before 37 weeks. Modern neonatal medical techniques are very advanced and pre-term babies have the best chance of survival more than ever before, and today many survive their...

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