The thought of breastfeeding can be both exciting and daunting all at once, especially with the vast amounts of information available and discussion that takes place around the issue.

As a result, many mums-to-be spend a lot of time thinking about how it’ll all unfold, much like many other aspects of new parenthood.

Fortunately, all you really need to make it work, is your baby and your boobs – but, that doesn’t mean you can’t get prepared to make things a little more convenient.

Hospital Checklist

At the hospital your checklist is pretty small, after all, you and your baby will already be there.

Nursing bras

You may choose to forgo bras altogether for your hospital stay, but it doesn’t hurt to put a few in, just in case you have some visitors.


Button-down Pyjamas

Wearing button down pyjamas makes life a little easier for dealing with frequent breastfeeding, as is often the case during those early days.

Nursing Pads

Once your milk comes in, you might find your breasts leaking, which can be uncomfortable and inconvenient. Breast pads will keep things under control while you’re trying to work out how and when to feed your baby.

At Home Checklist

Once again, breastfeeding does tend to take care of itself, but you can make your life a little more comfy at home too.

Comfortable chair

While you can breastfeed anywhere, it’s great to have a comfortable chair that you can rely to be a safe haven for you and your baby. Have a side table next to it to keep a glass of water and maybe a snack.

Nursing pillow

2 pillows in one! After you’ve used your pillow throughout your pregnancy to help you sleep through those restless nights and useful back support, turn your maternity pillow into a nursing pillow to support you throughout  your breastfeeding journey, making life more comfortable and easier when feeding baby.

Medela Breastfeeding_pillow

Nursing pads

that leaking isn’t going away, so keep a supply on hand. They come in both washable and disposable options.

Nursing bras and tanks

A nursing bra or tank makes breastfeeding easier and also keeps pads in place while you sleep.


Medela tank

Nipple cream and Nipple shields

Many women experience sore and cracked nipples, so keeping some nipple cream on hand is a wise move. Nipple Shields can help you if you suffer from breastfeeding problems. They enable you to breastfeed your baby despite these difficulties. The Contact Nipple Shields protect your nipples during feeding and also help your baby to latch-on.

Burp cloths

Babies dribble, spill milk and sometimes vomit, so for the sake of your clothes, pop a burp cloth over yourself.

Breast pump

Whether it’s a single manual pump just in case or a double electric pump for regular pumping, it’s a good idea to have a breast pump in the house.

medela swing maxi

Bottles and bags

If you do end up expressing milk, you’ll need somewhere to keep the milk. Keep a selection of bottles and bags specifically for that purpose.