Couple hit with $1 million bill following premature birth overseas

A Hawaiian babymoon could end up costing a Brisbane couple more than a million dollars, following the premature birth of their son.

Kylie Lovejoy was snorkelling at Honolulu when she went into labour at just 26 weeks.

Ms Lovejoy and her partner Brendan Wright rushed to the local hospital however the small Kona facility was not equipped to deal with such a early arrival.

She was then rushed onto a flight to Kapiʻolani Medical Center for Women and Children in Honolulu, where baby Pheonix Koa was born, some hours later.

By the following day the pair were advised little Pheonix would need to remain in hospital for around three months, at a cost of more than $1 million.

Although the couple had travel insurance, it will only cover Ms Lovejoy’s medical bills, not those of baby Pheonix.

To help cover the costs, life-long friend Priscilla Sutton launched a YouCaring campaign in the hope that the public will get behind the couple at such a difficult time.

“Phoenix will likely be in the NICU until close to his due date of September 9, which is three months after his birth,” Ms Lovejoy writes on the crowdfunding page.

“We are pursuing every avenue possible to gain appropriate health insurance to pay for Phoenix’s medical bill. He is now a US citizen and we are hopeful for a positive outcome.”

There is some good news though – little Pheonix is doing well considering how early he was born.

“The doctors are monitoring it and advising me not to freak out just yet,” Ms Lovejoy wrote.

“He is being fed both intravenously and through a feeding tube that goes into his mouth straight into his stomach. His sucking reflexes haven’t developed yet.

“I’ve had meetings to inform me of certain outcomes that may arise from being so premature that are more long-term effects. He could be blind, deaf, have cerebral palsy, or have learning difficulties.

“It’s all very daunting and confronting to hear. Of course these are worst case scenarios, but scary all the same.”

The most special moment for the couple came on baby Phoenix’s tenth day, when Ms Lovejoy could finally hold him.

“This was a pretty special moment. Our hearts touched for the first time, it was the most beautiful moment I’ve ever experienced.

“On the American Father’s Day, Brendan also finally got to hold our son, the best gift a Dad could ask for at a time like this.”

To support the couple head over to their crowdfunding page.




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