Bugaboo image sparks controversy

Bugaboo has sparked a social media controversy after sharing an image of a bikini-clad model jogging with one of its prams.

The high-end buggy company based in Amsterdam captioned the image – of model Ymre Stiekema pushing her daughter in a photo shoot for Vogue Netherlands: “See how model and mum Ymre Stiekema stays fit and healthy with the Bugaboo Runner.”

The company also shared the photo on its Instagram page with the caption: “Wow doesn’t model and mother of 2-year old Lymée, Ymre Stiekema look amazing in this @nlvogue shoot!”


The snap soon sent mums into a frenzy with many commenting on the unrealistic nature of the shoot.

Many of the comments were heavy with sarcasm.

“I love how natural this photo is and how it represents most mothers,” wrote one Facebook user.

“I also often go jogging in a bikini,” wrote another.

The image does have a serious issue attached to it though, with many considering it representative of yet another unrealistic and unattainable goal.  

“Perhaps the worst part of this Bugaboo ad is that it is not ironic. Or meant to be funny,” writes one blogger.

Some mums were quick to defend the shot, blaming jealously for the controversy.

Overall though the message was clear – most new mums simply can’t relate to a stunning model jogging in a bikini, while pushing an $800+ pram.

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