Driving during pregnancy: Queensland Police set the record straight

Queensland Police have addressed the issue of driving during pregnancy in its latest Myth Busters release.

According to Bundaberg Police, many women believe they shouldn’t wear a seat belt in the last weeks of their pregnancy.

But they say that’s a myth that needs to be busted.

“A seatbelt must be worn and fitted correctly no matter what stage of your pregnancy to protect yourself and your unborn baby,” the team wrote on its mypolice.gov.au blog.

“A seatbelt that is correctly fitted puts little pressure on your stomach.

“Place the lap part of the belt under your baby that way it sits on your upper thighs and not across your baby. Failure to wear a seatbelt is a $353 fine and three demerit points.”

They say the only exception is if you have an exemption from a doctor in the approved form.

There are also specialty attachments available for purchase at baby stores that can be fitted to your seat belt to reduce the impact across your belly.

For a variety of reasons, many women choose not to drive at all during the final weeks of pregnancy, but there’s some confusion as to whether or not it’s actually legal to do so.

According to police there’s no offence for driving in the last few weeks of pregnancy.

“This decision should be made after taking into account your health, common sense and most importantly the advice of your doctor.

“Your doctor’s advice is also paramount when returning to driving after your baby is born.”

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