Babies are learning from the moment they are born, and according to some research even earlier while still in the womb, but with the technology available today there are some amazing ways for babies to learn and grow their cognitive development skills.

Baby?s motor skills start to develop from around 6 months of age when they can begin to use their hands and grasp a rattle or point to something that they want.

It?s very common for parents to use whatever is at hand to play (or distract) their children, from their keys to their jewelry, watches or mobile phone and use those to create a game.

Educating children is all about repetition and the best way to do that is through games and play.

With the technology built into smart phones these days the IPhone has become a “toy of choice” for many parents as there are so many apps that can be downloaded for free or very cheaply that children can be entertained and educated for hours.

With so many people in Australia owning IPhones these days they are common place so using them to entertain the kids has become second nature.

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