Eight Year Old Helps Deliver His Baby Sister

An eight year old from Wolverhampton in England helped deliver his baby sister Freya, when his Mum went into labour and baby Freya couldn’t wait to be born.

Jodie Griffin was at home with her toddler and eight year old son when she went into labour and eight year old Marcus set about delivering his sister while they waited for paramedics to arrive.

Once the ambulance operator on the phone realised the birth was imminent and the mother was starting to push, she suggested that Marcus assist his mother. Marcus then takes instructions over the phone from the operator:

“When she’s pushing and making a noise, you need to tell me if you can see the baby’s head,”

Marcus calmly explains he can’t see the baby’s head yet. “I just see this green stuff. I can’t see any type of head.” But things change quickly and Marcus exclaims “Oh, now I can see a head now!”

The operator follows up with instructions for Marcus on what to do once the baby’s head is out: “Just make sure the baby doesn’t come out too quickly. When the baby’s head comes out, gently wipe the mouth and nose clean”.

The brave little boy countered with “I can see the top of the head but the mouth or the nose haven’t come out yet.” Reassuring Marcus, the operator says “Your mum is doing really well and you’re being really brave as well.”

The paramedics arrived just before all of baby Freya had been born, and took over the remainder of the delivery.

When Marcus was interviewed by news reporters after the event he explained that he thought he should “just get this job done” so he could go and look after his 16 month old brother.

Marcus has assured everyone that a career in medicine is not on the agenda for him, as he plans to be an astronomer.

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