Mum of baby born with stage 4 cancer, seeks help

A Melbourne mum is desperately seeking help after her baby was born with a rare form of cancer.

Kelly Thompson was 32 weeks pregnant when an ultrasound showed a mass on top of her unborn baby’s left kidney.

Doctors were unable to identify the cause and Kelly was advised further tests would be required after her baby was born.

Following an emergency Cesarean due to life-threatening complications of pre-eclampsia, baby Ariah came into the world five weeks early.

Subsequent tests resulted in the devastating diagnosis that baby Ariah had stage 4 Neuroblastoma, a rare cancer which had spread from her adrenal gland into her liver. 

“Everything happened so fast after that,” Kelly wrote on her Go Fund Me page.

“When she was born I was only able to glance at her before she was whisked away to the Royal children’s hospital in Melbourne.

“Ariah was to spend the first 7 weeks of her life in the neonatal intensive care unit whist undergoing vigorous testing until an MRI revealed that my little princess had cancer.

“There are no words that could ever describe what it feels like to hear that your newborn baby has cancer.

Kelly has two other children who are also suffering due to the endless hospital trips, surgeries, scans, biopsies, blood tests and oncology appointments that baby Ariah has to endure.

“My family now eats, sleeps and breathes cancer. It’s the cloud that will forever block my family’s sunlight.”

Kelly has set up a Go Fund Me page in the hope of raising enough funds to purchase a reliable car to get baby Ariah to her appointments.

“My current vehicle is so unreliable I’ve missed important scans and even broken down leaving me stranded whilst travelling to one of Ariah’s oncology appointments,” writes Kelly.

I’m hoping to raise funds to take the whole family away for a much needed holiday so the kids can have some fun, put all the worries of cancer aside if only for a moment and create some happy memories with baby Ariah.”

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