Self defense course helps mums of bubs

If you’re a single mum – or have a partner who travels for work – you’re bound to have contemplated the prospect of an intruder – and how you’d protect yourself and your kids.

It’s a scary thought.

The fact is though, while home intrusions are rare, they are possible, so it’s a good idea to have a basic plan in mind.

Former NSW Police Officer Anthony Muyt has created a new self-defence course, designed specifically for women in a home break-in scenario, with a special focus on escaping from a dangerous situation while carrying a baby or child.

One of the key skills women learn through this course is a different way of thinking when it comes to their safety and survival.

The techniques themselves are not flashy and rely on gross motor skills, which are the least affected by stress in conflict/threat situations.

And the training is done in your own home, or a purpose built studio set up to represent the confined space of bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens and cars.

“There are several challenges with defending yourself while holding a child,” says Anthony, now based in Brisbane.

“You are temporarily partially disabled and even more vulnerable to injury as one arm is used to hold the child while at the same time preventing the child from being struck by the attacker.

“Not to mention the fact that if the child is an infant they need to be held correctly with their head supported.

“With the head being the most vulnerable part of the body, they should be held furthest away from the threat as best as possible.”

The course uses life size “Baby Annie” dolls to simulate having to deal with and escape from a threat whilst having to consider a baby or small child’s safety.

“The instinct of survival itself is generally secondary to that of a parent protecting their child,” says Ant.

“Most humans will lay their own life on the line protecting their offspring and will do it with raw tenacity, courage and a ferociousness seldom seen in any other circumstance.

“Tapping into these instincts when faced with a threat either with or without a child present, regardless of how hopeless a situation we may think we find ourselves, is integral to survival and a successful outcome.”

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