Couple takes to Facebook in search of a sperm donor

It seems nothing’s off limits when it comes to social media these days.

A pair of New Zealand dance teachers have taken to Facebook in their search for a sperm donor.

Ashleigh Habgood and Alley Williams posted their request early in the week and have been inundated with offers.

“We advertise on FB for everything else so why not a sperm donor. That’s right. We need sperm!,” Habgood wrote.

The couple are seeking a donor with a kind heart, intelligence and a clear medical history – but it’s important they’re not looking to be a dad.

“You just want to be a cool dude that helped us out. Though these details can be discussed. And yes, the baby would know who you are…The kind man who gave us some sperm NOT Daddy.”

The volunteer should also be tall and under 45 years of age.

“OBVIOUSLY at the end of the day we just want a healthy baby who we can dote on forever.

“But hey… Everyone else gets to choose their baby when they choose their partner.

“If I could smoosh Alley’s freckles and everlasting positivity with my extreme good looks, intelligence and undeniable modesty, then I would, but no matter how hard Alley and I run at each other, it just ain’t working. We’ve even stopped using protection!”

The couple’s post has gone viral prompting them to update their request with some notes on the legalities. 

The donor would have no legal rights to the child and would never be asked to pay anything.

“However, we are keen to find a donor with the same core values as us, and someone who is interested in being present (even if just on birthdays) in the baby’s life.”


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