New Life Saving Device for Parents

We’re all familiar with the repetitive beep our cars emit if we begin to drive before we’ve buckled our seatbelt.

It’s a good reminder for us to prioritise our seatbelt and make sure whoever is sitting beside us is also buckled up.

Unfortunately, there’s no such warning in the back where, arguably, it’s most required as more often than not, backseat passengers are children.

And let’s face it, children are often tempted to unbuckle or can do so accidentally as they fiddle with the belt or try to loosen it.

Statistics show an astounding number of children are unbuckling their seatbelts while their parents are driving.

Buckle me up-child-buckled

While 99 per cent of parents say they always restrain their children at the beginning of the trip, more than 20 per cent of children killed in road accidents in NSW were not wearing a seatbelt at the time.

Sadly, many parents don’t realise their child has unbuckled until it’s too late.

Well, now a new Australian invention is promising a solution to this deadly dilemma.

Put simply, buckle me up™ is a retro-fit wireless seatbelt reminder and alert safety system for the back seats in passenger cars.

Buckle me up

The new life saving device buckle me up™ advises the driver via a dashboard mounted alert unit if the backseat passengers unbuckle, reducing driver distraction by eliminating the need to turn around – taking their eyes off the road – to check seatbelts are buckled.

The compact dashboard mounted unit alerts the driver via an audio and visual alert if rear seatbelts are unbuckled.

Simple for parents to install themselves (similar to an e-tag), buckle me up™ is 100 percent Australian designed, engineered, manufactured and owned and has undergone rigorous testing.

buckle me up™ is now available RRP $189.00

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