Miranda Kerr dragged into anti-vax debate

Miranda Kerr has been brought into the vaccination debate following her apparent endorsement of a book which includes a detailed chapter about vaccination.

The supermodel is known for her love for all things natural, having spoken publicly about her decision to forgo pain relief during the birth of her son Flynn.

She also has her own line of organic skincare.

While Kerr has never publicly spoken about vaccination or her stance on the issue, she has inadvertently been dragged into the conversation after endorsing a book which has a pro-choice stance on vaccination.

The book’s author, Dr Jennifer Barham-Floreani, recently published a picture of Kerr on her Facebook page along with a quote: “Our little Flynn is definitely a well adjusted baby.”

The front page of the book includes an additional statement from the supermodel: “I love Well Adjusted Babies and still refer to it for wholesome advice.”

The book, Well-Adjusted Babies, offers holistic advice to parents on pregnancy and parenting, and includes a chapter on vaccination, where Dr Barham-Floreani describes herself as pro-choice. 

Dr Barham-Floreani told the UK’s Daily Mail she was pro-choice on all health matters.

“Today’s children are incredibly vulnerable to our toxic, stressful world and I empower parents to investigate and research all health decisions and offer reliable evidence so they can be informed on all aspects and satisfied with whatever decision they make,” she said.

Since the picture surfaced, media reports have linked Kerr to the anti-vaccination stance, however the supermodel has never public aligned herself with this movement.

Dr Barham-Floreani also admits the endorsement was made three years ago.


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