Recall expected after mum finds sewing needle in baby’s onesie

Bonds is expected to recall thousands of its popular Newbies Coverall Long Sleeve onesie after a horrified mum found an industrial sewing machine needle sewn into the arm of her baby girl’s jumpsuit.

Anny Brooks, from Victoria, found the needle in the new outfit following her seven-week-old daughter’s Sunday night bath. 


Fortunately Mrs Brooks checked the garment before dressing her baby.

“I’m very pedantic about checking my kids’ clothes,” Mrs Brookes told

“I run my hands inside the garments, I think it’s just an OCD thing.

“I ran my hand through it after I gave her a bath and it scratched my hand. I thought it was just one of those plastic tag things but I pulled my hand out and there was a nice big scratch there.

“I turned the suit inside out and there was a broken industrial sewing needle there. It was intertwined in the thread — it was sewn into the suit. I had washed the suit beforehand and it still was stuck in there.”

Photos of the needle and the subsequent scratch quickly went viral after Mrs Brooks posted them on Facebook on Monday.


Bonds told that there was a gap in its quality control process at the Chinese facility that made the suit.

The company has since notified the ACCC that it would recall all garments manufactured at this facility during the “relevant period” — this included the Pop Woven Dress, as well as the Newbies Coverall Long Sleeve.

A spokesman for Bonds told it had apologised to Mrs Brooks and was addressing the issue as a matter of urgency.

While Bonds has not released an official recall notice, reports it is expected to do so later today, informing customers of the specific style code for the garments and date of purchase.

Bonds Recall


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