Australian & New Zealand Families Can continue to Trust Medela

Australian & New Zealand Families can continue to trust Medela and be reassured that Medela Bottles and Containers are rigorously tested and meet/exceed required standards.

In response to a recent study by Western Sydney University that found more than half of infant feeding bottles have inaccurate or missing markings, Medela would like to reassure Australian and New Zealand families that Medela places the highest priority on providing products that can be sustainably relied upon and trusted.

Medela’s bottles & containers are manufactured strictly in accordance with the European standard, reference document EN-14350-1:2004 Child use and care articles – Drinking equipment, Part 1: General and mechanical requirements and tests. The standard describes in chapter 5.4 the requirements according to the volumetric accuracy. According to the standard, the accuracy requirements are as follows:

  • numbered graduations >= 100ml: +/- 5%
  • numbered graduations < 100ml: +/- 5ml

This requirement is the basis of the technical documentation for Medela bottles in terms of the bottle geometry and printing geometry with its position on the bottle.

Medela follows strict testing protocols in our manufacturing processes and every lot of bottles & containers is tested against the specification. If the specification is not met, the complete lot is removed from production.

Based on Medela’s recording lot testing results, Medela consistently meets and exceed the required standard as detailed above.

You can be assured of Medela’s overwhelming commitment to quality and accuracy, and can assuredly place your trust in that they meet the specifications required, and claims represented in our literature.

If any Medela customers have any further questions, please contact Medela below:

Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 1800 787 345

Medela provides breastfeeding mums, families and communities with the leading breastfeeding products, expert insights and ongoing research and education to support the breastfeeding journey. We appreciate the ongoing confidence in us, our company and our products.

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