Confronting ads warn against poor pregnancy diet

A range of confronting new advertisements have been released to warn mums-to-be of the potential dangers of poor diet during pregnancy.

Along with the tagline ‘Your child is what you eat’, the advertisements – which were created for Brazil’s Pediatric Society of Rio Grande – show babies nursing on breasts that have been painted to look like a range of unhealthy foods.

The shocking campaign, designed by Brazilian agency Paim, aim to remind expectant mothers that their diet can have a direct impact on their unborn baby.

The ads also claim:  ‘Your habits in the first thousand days of [your child’s life] can prevent your child from developing serious diseases.’

The startling ads have caused some controversy though with some suggesting they might turn women off breastfeeding, while others say it’s just another guilt trip for new mums.

One thing’s for sure though, the images will certainly make you think twice about your diet.

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