Dad invents new device to take the perfect baby photo

An innovative dad has developed a creative way of taking fantastic baby photos – a new device combining a toy rattle and a phone case.

Dave Canavan came up with the concept for “The Baby Focus” after struggling to get his nine-month-old bub Lennon to pay attention long enough for him to take a cute pic.

The detachable rattle helps attract attention towards the camera lens.

Mr Canavan has taken to Kickstarter to help raise the funds necessary to produce the device and has so far raised almost $12,000.

“My wife and I have taken more photographs of our son Lennon than we both care to count,” he wrote on his campaign page.

“We would often have 20 or 30 variations of the same image taking up memory on my camera reel, trying in vain to get that great shot.

“I noticed that there were certain things that got Lennon’s attention, and one of them that never failed was a rattling toy. The sound made him turn his head from any distraction. So I figured; why not add a rattle to a phone.”

Mr Canavan needs raise $60,000 by 20th September to get the detachable device into production.

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