Woman gives birth to grandson

In a remarkable gesture of love, a woman has become a surrogate for her daughter, giving birth to her own grandson.

Twenty-nine year old Claudia Di Maggio was born with a condition known as MRKH and had no uterus, but longed to be a mum. 

Claudia’s sister Tanya had initially offered to be her surrogate but was unable to follow through with the idea due to health reasons.

So 53-year-old Antoinetta stepped in, giving birth to Luciano Luca.

“How do you thank the person who has fulfilled my lifelong dream? And it was my mum of all people,” Claudia told 60 Minutes reporter Karl Stefanovic.

“I still can’t thank her enough. And I’ll never be able to. Without her, he wouldn’t be here, really he wouldn’t be,” she said.

Sydney gynaecologist Dr Kim Matthews was able to extract viable eggs from Claudia, which were fertilised with her husband Sunny’s sperm before being transferred to Antoinetta’s uterus.

It took four attempts before Antoinetta fell pregnant.

“It was beautiful. The whole experience was just totally beautiful, especially the moment that he came out, it was just priceless,” she told Stefanovik.

While Antoinetta said it felt strange immediately after the birth, she soon felt like she’d simply been looking after her grandson for a while.

“All I was, I was looking after him for nine months – just until he was ready to be with his mummy and daddy.”

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