Baby dies following “uneventful” circumcision

A baby has died following a routine circumcision recommended to the infant’s parents despite their initial reluctance.

Baby Ryan Heydari’s parents were convinced by their family doctor to go ahead with the procedure when he was just 22 days old.  He died a week later. 

Canadians Homa Ahmadi and John Heydari were told the circumcision was uneventful, however felt something was wrong when little Ryan cried continuously following the procedure.

“(He) was crying so much, so hard, and he wouldn’t stop,” Ms Ahmadi said. “He was bleeding, and it only got worse over just hours … It was so obvious from the blood his tiny body had lost that he was in danger,” Ms Ahmadi told the National Post.

After calling the performing paediatrician to express their concerns, the pair were advised to take their baby to Toronto’s North York General Hospital.

“We … waited for care that could have saved his life, but that level of care never came,” Ms Ahmadi said. 

After being transferred to Sick Kids hospital, little Ryan passed away from “hypovolaemic shock” caused by bleeding. He lost 35 to 40 per cent of his blood.

“The loss of Ryan, our only child, has made us realise that we can’t possess anything, even our hopes and dreams,” Ms Ahmadi said. “We hope that this never happens to any other baby.”

The couple had been against circumcising their son, which is not recommended as routine procedure in Canada, however their family doctor persuaded them to go ahead with it.

Ryan’s parents complained to regulators and later appealed the Ontario College of Physician and Surgeons’ ruling to caution the doctor who took care of Ryan in the emergency department following his circumcision.

The ruling was upheld.

“We are so shocked that we will not have an answer to bring us some peace for our broken hearts, to prevent other cruel deaths like Ryan’s and to ensure that doctors take proper care of their patients,” she told National Post.

In Australia, circumcision is not routinely performed, however some doctors will complete the procedure if it is requested.

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