When Feeding Babies Food – Fresh is Best!

Most Mums will agree that fresh, home cooked food is best for their babies. But the reality is that many mothers don’t have the time to prepare fresh food from scratch. In fact, in a survey conducted by fresh baby food specialists, Food Babies Love found that one in three mothers don’t have time to do this.

While many mothers have good intentions, life with young children is very busy and we can get caught up in the various (and never ending) other jobs that come with looking after a young family and running a household. The result is that many parents are left relying on pre-packaged ready made baby food.

While this is not terrible, most mothers would agree that it isn’t the best option. Food that is pre-prepared and packaged up is meant to last a long time. Part of the process is blasting the food with heat, as a way to preserve it. This process depletes the nutrients of the food, which is not ideal for a growing baby.

Best-selling author, baby-food specialist and mother of three, Emily Dupuche says:

“There are whole fridges dedicated to fresh pet food in supermarkets, but you cant find any fresh baby food. Its is unacceptable. Busy parents today deserve access to convenient, fresh, nutritious meals for their children with less salt, sugar and preservatives. We don’t buy meat off the shelf to eat, so we shouldn’t have to serve our babies just that.”

Emily is the author of best-selling baby food book “Food Babies Love“. Her book focused on easy and tasty real food ideas that suited busy parents that were looking for strategies to feed their babies the healthy food they need to thrive.

Now emily has taken it one step further and now produces fresh baby food that is as good as home-cooked that is prepared in your own kitchen. The 200g portions come in tamper-proof, microwavable and freezable pods, making them easy and convenient – but without compromising on quality.

They are available in three stages for the different development stages of introducing solids: Early proteins for 6+ months, textured meals for 7+ months and toddler meals for 10+ months.

The range includes Lentil Dahl, Fish Pie, Curry, family favourites such as Spaghetti Bolognese, among others.

They can be found in the refrigerated section of select supermarkets and grocers, or can be delivered to Melbourne-based customers ($6.95 delivery fee).

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