There are so many barrier creams on the market and it’s hard to know if you’ve chosen the right one for your baby’s skin. The thought of piling on layers of chemicals on to those tiny soft little bottoms is troubling for many Mums, and if your baby has had nappy rash you will know that it’s worth trying to protect their skin.

Nappy rash can be very painful, and it’s difficult to get rid of once they have it because the skin is under constant stress from their nappy and its contents. But Mustela Vitamin Barrier Cream has formulated a new barrier cream that guarantees a three way efficacy – it prevents, it soothes and it recovers.

It uses three key natural ingredients; avocado perseose protects the skin, Alcacea Oxeolin soothes any irritation, and sunflower oil distillate aids healing for existing nappy rash. The formulation is made of 98 per cent natural products, with no fragrance preservatives at all.

Mustela undertook extensive research into the epidermis of a baby’s skin and, based on this research, selected a unique formulation of ingredients that offered complete protection against nappy rash. The research discovered what triggered painful nappy rash, and Mustela used this information to formulate a cream that soothed the inflammation of nappy rash and helped ease the pain associated with it.

This unique formulation prevents nappy rash at each nappy change, soothes inflammation from the first application, and continually aids the repair of the epidermis. It is scientifically proven to decrease the risk of nappy rash returning, by 80 per cent.

The texture of the cream is soft and it is easy to spread. It stays on well between nappy changes and it is easy to remove from hands after the nappy change is complete.

Mustela 123 Vitamin Barrier Cream packaging is 100% recyclable, and the natural ingredient Avocado perseose, is sourced from ethical suppliers.

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