Of all the baby equipment ‘must-haves’ a baby monitor is one of the essentials. There is nothing like the peace of mind a new parent can get from using a great baby monitor. The VTech BM4500-OWL Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Baby Monitor takes monitors to a new level, and is clearly designed with the modern parent in mind.

Not only does it do what all monitors do, which is deliver the sounds of your baby to you when you are in separate rooms. It gives you a birds eye view of your baby when they are sleeping so when you hear them stir you won’t need to go in and check on them, you can view it through the parent screen that comes with the monitor. Genius!

Often sleep problems arise because babies stir between sleep cycles, parents assume they are awake and enter their room to either pick them up or try to resettle them – which ever it is, it can disrupt their normal sleeping patterns. VTech Safe & Sound Baby Monitor puts an end to this, you can watch them on the screen and give them plenty of time to resettle themselves, letting their natural sleep cycle unfold.

Another great thing about Vtech is they have partnered with Red Nose (previously SIDs and Kids) and actively promote safe sleeping. In fact, VTech is the only official Red Nose baby monitor partner. Its design hinges on safe sleeping practices so the baby unit does not attach to the cot, which means it is less likely to become a hazard and comes in a cute little owl design!

Here are some of the great features that make this monitor a ‘must have’:

  • 4.3” high resolution LCD colour screen for easy viewing
  • The camera pans 260 degrees and tilts 55 degrees remotely, via the parent unit so you can watch your bub as they move about their cot
  • Split screen capability so you can watch four different cameras at once (extra cameras are sold separately)
  • Temperature indicator, lullabies, and two way communication so your baby can be softly reassured by your voice without you entering the room.
  • The baby unit has infrared LED so you can see them even when it’s dark in their room
  • Wall mountable or free standing

RRP of $289.00 (additional cameras retail at $165.00)

The VTech BM4500-OWL Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Video & Audio Baby Monitor is available from all major baby retailers including Kmart, Big W, Baby Bunting and Babies R Us.