10 Weeks Pregnant Symptoms and What to Expect

At 10 weeks pregnant, It’s all happening in your belly of late. Your baby is officially a “foetus” and your baby has kidneys, intestines, a brain, and lungs, and it’s about the size of a strawberry. Their fingers and toes look more like fingers and toes, than webbed hands and feet, and they might have a little bit of fuzzy hair.

Your baby’s eyelids have thickened so they are no longer transparent and tooth buds are starting to appear in the mouth. The length of your baby from crown to rump is about three centimetres.

Changes to Your Body

Mornings sickness may still be darkening your door, but you may be getting glimpses of a lovely pregnancy glow to your skin and hair. If you want to encourage that, you can read about how to ‘get your pregnancy glow on’ here.

You might experience what’s known as ‘round ligament pain’. Don’t panic, many women think there is something sinister happening as it feels a bit like period cramps. It’s just your muscles stretching to accomodate your growing baby. It’s completely normal! Read about this and other really normal but surprising symptoms here.

Another of the 10 weeks pregnant symptoms that many women experience is a change in their vision. As you have double the blood volume than before pregnancy, the increased circulation can thicken and curve the corneas in your eyes, resulting in blurry vision. Your eyes may feel dry too. After delivery, your vision should return to what it was before.

Lifestyle Considerations

You may be less interested in sex than previously and if so it’s a good idea to discuss this with your partner so they know it’s not personal.

A decrease in libido during pregnancy can be due to the increased level of progesterone and general fatigue and nausea. Declining interest in sex doesn’t happen to all pregnant women, some even find pregnancy has the opposite effect!

Even if you aren’t in the mood for sex you can still be affectionate with your partner and enjoy a massage or foot rub. It’s a good idea to make the effort to ensure that your partner feels included and take time to talk about the pregnancy and share your feelings about your upcoming arrival.

General Advice

It’s around this time that you’ll need to get your blood test for your 12 week testing. If you’re not sure about when to go, make sure you call your doctor to find out, so you don’t miss the window.


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