How to Include Your Partner In Your Pregnancy

It’s not uncommon for Dads to report that they feel a bit like the spare wheel when it comes to their unborn child. Without a doubt the focus is on Mum and bub (as it should be). While he might have done his bit to get you there, the resulting pregnancy and the baby are definitely about him as well. If he’s feeling a bit disconnected from your pregnancy, here are a few ideas to help include your partner.

Weekly Email Updates

You’ve probably signed up to a weekly pregnancy update which tells you all about what your baby is doing and how your body is changing. Forward those email on to him, or better still, just sign him up. You can do that here.

Decorate the Nursery Together

Preparing a nursery for a new baby is something that makes the imminent arrival feel real. Without a doubt, once your nursery is finished you will both share so much excitement about the new baby. While he may not be that excited about colour charts or wall paper, he can certainly help with putting up a book shelf, hanging a window blind or painting the walls. It’s something you can do together that will be fun and rewarding.

Baby Names

Gift him with a baby name book and get him to write down his top five of each sex. See how it compares to yours, then together you can start the tough process of elimination. Choosing the right name for your child is such a tough decision, harder than I ever imagined it to be, so it’s important that you do it together.

Make Sure He Comes to All Ultrasound Appointments

It probably seems easier to go on your own but it really is worthwhile getting him to come along. It is a magical feeling to see your baby on the screen kicking and bobbing around. If there is one way to get him to feel connected to his child, the ultrasound is it.

Feeling the Kicks

Once those strong kicks start be sure to let him feel them. This is as powerful as the ultrasound when it comes to helping him feel connected to the baby. There is something so lovely about snuggling on the couch and sharing the feeling of excitement and awe when your baby kicks. It’s a wonderful bonding experience for both of you.

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