Top 20 gender-neutral baby names

Are you keeping the gender of your baby a surprise, and want to have only one name ready to go either way? Perhaps you have a strong interest in giving your baby a gender-neutral name?

Not all gender-neutral names are truly unisex, so we’ve rounded up a list of 20 baby names that are the most evenly split between the sexes, with at least a 40-60 split in either direction.

Here are the top 20 gender neutral baby names:

  1. Charlie
  2. Finley
  3. Skyler
  4. Justice
  5. Royal
  6. Lennon
  7. Oakley
  8. Armani
  9. Azariah
  10. Landry
  11. Frankie
  12. Sidney
  13. Denver
  14. Robin
  15. Campbell
  16. Dominique
  17. Salem
  18. Yael
  19. Murphy
  20. Jael


Some other gender-neutral names that are on the rise are: Ari, River, Cameron, Sam, Tatum, Corey, and Emery.

Names that were once only considered boys’ names, and are now becoming popular with girls are: Stevie, Max, Drew, Tyler, and Ryan.

If you need some more help coming up with suitable baby names, you can use our Baby Names Finder.