Bathing your baby: Which wash is best?
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Bathing your baby can be a sweet time for bonding, or it can be tear-inducing for those newborns who really don’t like to get undressed. Which one do you have? Whether they love it or loathe it (don’t worry, that should pass anyway!), those little fingers, bottoms, and toes can get pretty grubby. Plus, let’s face it – we love the smell of a freshly washed bub! 

Babies don’t need a bath everyday, but when they do, you won’t want to be washing them with anything nasty or irritating. Their skin is so delicate, which is why Gaia has developed a range of three bath washes that are gentle, non-irritating, moisturising, and free from harsh soaps. 

How to choose a baby wash

Choosing a baby wash is simple. Look for washes that are formulated for everyday use and all skin types, including eczema and sensitive skin. They should be mild and contain ingredients that are known to be beneficial to a baby’s skin, and include natural and organic vegetable extracts to care for your baby’s everyday needs…but, how do you know which wash is best for your baby? 

Do you have a newborn or a baby without much hair?

Would you like a convenient all-in-one cleanser to use on your baby’s skin, hair, and scalp?

If so, a natural baby hair and body wash would be perfect for your baby. You can use it all over their body and hair or scalp, so there is no need for a separate shampoo. 

Do you have a toddler as well as a baby?

Or do you have an older baby, and you need to use a separate shampoo now that they have more hair (and are partial to messy mealtimes, sand play, and finger painting!). Would you like a convenient cleansing gel that can be used in either the shower, bath, or as a handwash?

If that’s the case for you, then a natural baby bath and body wash would be an excellent option. It would mean that you won’t have to buy separate wash products for your newborn and toddler, and they could share a bath (saving you water and money). 

Would you like a wash to provide a relaxing bath experience before bed?

Do you prefer a bath to be part of your baby’s calming evening ritual? Then, try a natural sleeptime bath is just what you need to create that day spa for babies atmosphere. You can use it for babies at any age, and a lovely way to enhance the experience is to follow the bath with a baby massage using a natural massage oil or baby moisturiser. Read here for the benefits and how to massage your baby. 

Look for natural products when choosing a wash and the most gentle products for your baby that contain no hidden nasties. This lis should help: 

✓ pH balanced

✓ Free from artificial fragrances

✓ Free soaps

✓ Free from sulphates

✓ Free from paraben preservatives

✓ Free from propylene glycol

✓ Free from petrochemicals

✓ Formulated for everyday use and all skin types, including eczema and irritated skin

✓ Proudly Australian made

For a full list of ingredients and more products in the range, see our Gaia Natural Baby Skincare Range Review. With that in mind, you might like to read about the benefits of natural skincare for both your baby and yourself here. 

If you’re not sure how to bath your newborn yet, or you’d like some extra tips, please read our step-by-step guide. 

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