Tips for new Dads

When it comes to parenting advice, there’s plenty of information out there offering tips on how to prepare for new motherhood.

It may well be conflicting at times, and confusing to others, but let’s face it, women talk and more often than not, we’re more than happy to share information and opinions with others.

It’s a different story for men though, with many new dads entering fatherhood completely bewildered by the raft of changes and emotions they’re confronted with.

Troy Veenker was 31 when his first child came along and says fatherhood is a rollercoaster of emotion that men rarely talk about.

“My role as a dad is the most important job in the world.

“I may not be getting paid money but the kids pay me in emotion.

“If I died, work would easily replace me.  If I died, my kids could not easily replace me.  My role as a dad is to ensure I love my kids and they love me back.”

Now the father of a 3 and 5 year old, Troy has these hints and tips for Dads-to-be:

  • Hold your baby often to bond with your child.
  • Have skin to skin contact to increase that bond.
  • On average you will go through 8 nappies per day at the least.
  • It seems easy to be a parent for the first few weeks, then it get harder.
  • Get ready for constant fatigue.
  • Talk to your wife and make plans about who is responsible for what.
  • Get ready to share your bed.
  • Get involved as much as possible.
  • Give regular positive feedback to your wife.
  • Give your wife breaks as much as possible, walks are very easy.
  • Change nappies when you are home.
  • Make a man nappy bag, don’t rely on mum’s.
  • Never wear a clean shirt until just before you leave the house.
  • Don’t buy too many baby devices.
  • If you are worried call an ambulance, you are the protector of your family.
  • Let lots of people hold your baby to ensure they do not freak out around other people.
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