Baby Teething – 6 Solutions From The Kitchen

Your baby is constantly sticking his or your fingers into his mouth and starts gnawing. This is not unusual because babies do that all the time, but you feel something firm and hard popping out of his lower gums?. his first TOOTH! Your baby is TEETHING!

Now that explains why he’s sticking almost everything into his mouth, drooling and has been so cranky. You should be happy because this is one of the many baby milestones your little one will undertake but your baby will be less excited about this than you.

When the first tooth cuts through the gums, your baby has to endure swollen, painful, inflamed gums for days or even months.

Of course, you want to ease the pain! (who wants to wake up at night and see their baby crying in pain – No one!!!) but you don’t have to go far! You can get remedies straight from your KITCHEN.

Top 6 Baby Teething solutions found in your KITCHEN!

  1. Give your baby cold fruits and vegetables like frozen carrot, cold banana, chilled applesauce, refrigerated apple wedges or celery sticks to bite. Just watch your baby while biting them on as he may swallow large pieces of them.
  2. If you’re breastfeeding, you can freeze your milk using ice cube trays and give it to your baby to suck on. Again, watch him always to prevent choking.
  3. You can make teething biscuits for your baby.
  4. Get a wooden spoon and give it to him! Just be sure that there is no finish in the wood and that the spoon is not broken and properly washed. It is safe and offers no choking hazard. You can also put a regular spoon in the refrigerator for a couple of hours. The cold metal against his gums will provide comfort.
  5. Try making a “slushy” out of your breast milk, banana, or diluted chamomile tea for more soothing effects.
  6. Fill the baby bottle with water and place it upside down in the freezer. This will make the water frozen at the nipple and chewing on the cold nipple provides temporary relief to your baby.

You see, you don’t really have to go to the chemist to ease your baby’s teething woes. If you’re in the same boat as most parents are, and are seeking remedies to your baby’s teething problems, hopefully the list above gave you easy ways to help ease the pain of your baby

Teething is temporary but while it is happening to your baby, it is best to have a few remedies to deal with it. The idea that your kitchen is the best place to get teething remedies might sound odd, but it’s true. If you can suggest more remedies found in the kitchen, start sharing?!

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