5 top tips for surviving the first trimester of pregnancy

Congratulations on your pregnancy, whether it’s your first or fourth! As you’re probably all too aware, growing a tiny human is an immense amount of work for your body. Unfortunately for some women, the entire pregnancy is incredibly hard, but for others, the first trimester is a unique and challenging period of nausea, fatigue, sore nipples, food cravings, and regular trips to the bathroom.

We’ve compiled 5 top tips to help you get through the first trimester, so that you can enjoy it a little more (or at least feel less miserable!).

1. Get some extra rest

Listen to your body if you’re feeling exhausted. It requires plenty of rest while it does what it needs to in order to create the perfect environment for your developing baby. That could mean taking a nap here and there when possible, or outsourcing something so you can get some well-deserved couch time, and saying no to social activities. Now is the time to start practicing self-care as a mumma, a skill that takes practice but will be invaluable throughout your motherhood journey. 

2. Start wearing a more comfortable bra

It’s often the first sign that women are pregnant, so if you’re experiencing breast tenderness and nipple changes, it’s time to look at properly fitted maternity bras. Find something soft and comfortable that won’t restrict you or cause extra pain. The hormones in your body are getting your breasts ready to breastfeed so your breasts might continue to grow in size, which means that you’ll have to be refitted throughout the pregnancy. 

3. Find snacks you can keep down

Feeling hungry but nauseous is the worst combination! You’re starving all the time, but everything makes you feel sick. The thing is often you can feel better if you get some food into your stomach. But, it’s finding something that doesn’t make you retch. It’s okay to snack all day rather than sitting down to three square meals. Try eating bland foods like crackers, nuts, or plain toast; or something with ginger in it such as ginger nut biscuits or ginger tea. 

4. Don’t worry too much about your weight

You might gain a lot of weight quickly, or you could lose some (thanks to the nausea and not wanting to eat much), or you might find that you don’t gain much in the first trimester. All of that is perfectly normal, and your midwife or obstetrician will keep an eye on that anyway. Of course, discuss it with them if you’re ever concerned. 

5. Give your energy levels a boost

Continue to exercise, even if it’s a walk around the block each day. A dose of vitamin D, fresh air, and some movement will help to keep your energy levels up. Talk to your healthcare provider about the safest type of exercise for you and your bub before you try something. Remember to take your prenatal vitamins, and when you feel up to it, consider making some dietary changes to ensure you consume a nourishing pregnancy diet.