Mums Health – Create A New Food Attitude!

When life gets busy during motherhood, we push ourselves the hardest and expect the most from our minds and bodies. In the midst of our craziness, good nutrition quickly falls to the bottom of our priority list.

It’s true that there won’t always be time for a “nutrition and weight maintenance” meal, but that doesn’t mean your body should run on empty… or on empty calories. Satisfying hunger with fast-food meals or vending machine goodies will not provide the energy you need for healing your body from birth or to make it through your hectic day.

Below is a guide for you to “eat for health”:

  • Eat a breakfast that includes some protein and some carbohydrates.
  • Limit caffeinated beverages to three servings per day or fewer, and don’t drink tea or coffee with meals because these beverages inhibit the absorption of iron from the diet. Check these herbal teas for nursing.
  • Eat several small meals and snacks throughout the day so that you eat approximately every four hours.
  • If you crave for carbohydrates, plan a carbohydrate-rich snack for your low-energy period of the day.
  • Do not overeat in the evening and avoid excessive snacking after dinner.
  • Consume ample amounts of iron-rich foods such as spinach, beef, chicken liver, oysters, sardines, etc.
  • Avoid severe calorie-restricted diets. Too few calories mean too little fuel and nutrients, which can leave you drowsy.
  • Drink plenty glasses of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Avoid alcohol consumption or limit your intake to no more than five drinks a week. See this breastfeeding and alcohol advice and guidelines.

Good nutrition is just as important now as it was back then. As a woman or mother who’s always on the go, you need your nutrients and vitamins more than ever. A well-balanced diet is essential to your well-being. Food is fuel, and eating healthy should always remain on the top of your to-do list.

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