20 baby names predicted to be most popular in 2020

Are you wondering which names are going to be popular this year? Whether you’re pregnant and trying to come up with a baby name, or you’re just curious, the following list could be a good place to start. Or, it could be a good list of names to avoid if you’d prefer your baby not to be one of many.

There are some interesting new ones in there, some names that haven’t been heard of for a long time, and some from around the world.

Here are the predictions for the top baby names in 2020 (according to Nameberry, a site which has analysed the names that have had the biggest increase in interest this year):

Top 10 girls names predicted for 2020

  1. Ada
  2. Reese
  3. Mika
  4. Paisley
  5. Amina
  6. Teagan
  7. Nova
  8. Aura
  9. Pearl
  10. Billie


Top 10 boys names predicted for 2020

  1. Austin
  2. Alva
  3. Acacius
  4. Tate
  5. Diego
  6. Easton
  7. Lucius
  8. Cash
  9. Ash
  10. Luca


Are you surprised by any of these names? If you’re having trouble coming up with a baby name, you can use our Baby Names Finder.

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