20 unique unisex baby names you will love

Deciding on a baby name is not an easy task. There are endless options! Then, if you do settle on a name, it will probably get a veto from your partner.

If you know you want something that’s a bit different and could be for either a boy or girl, then you’re in the right place. Unique baby names are wonderful – after all, your baby is one of a kind and deserves a name to represent how special they are. We’ve put together this list of 20 beautiful unique unisex baby names, along with their meanings and origins, to help narrow it down for you.

20 unique unisex baby names

1. Addison

Meaning: Child of Adam

Origin: Old English

2. Akira 

Meaning: Bright or clear

Origin: Japanese

3. Avery

Meaning: Ruler of elves

Origin: English or French

4. Bellamy

Meaning: Handsome/fine/good friend

Origin: French, Irish, and Norman

5. Devon

Meaning: A poet

Origin: English

6. Eilian

Meaning: A moment in time or sun

Origin: Cornish and Breton

7. Jupiter

Meaning: Supreme God

Origin: Latin

8. Karter

Meaning: Transporter of goods via cart

Origin: English

9. Leighton

Meaning: English

Origin: From the town near the meadow

10. Leith

Meaning: Originally a surname, it makes a distinctive first name

Origin: It is the name of the river and a district  in Edinburgh

11. Lennon

Meaning: Dear one, child of love, or a small cloak or cap

Origin: Irish

12. Lexington

Meaning: Lex as the short form is cool

Origin:  American city name

13. Makena

Meaning: Happy one

Origin: Kenya, from the Kikuyu language

14. Parker

Meaning: Park keeper

Origin: English

15. Peta 

Meaning: Based on the name Peter, meaning stone, and can be used for both boys and girls

Origin: A Czech diminutive of Petra and Petr

16. Quin

Meaning: Descendent of Conn (meaning ‘head’ or ‘chief’)

Origin: Gaelic

17. Raven

Meaning: Name of the bird revered in Native American and Scandinavian cultures

Origin: Associated with the Norse god Odin

18. Ridley

Meaning: Reed meadow

Origin: British

19. Skyler

Meaning: Scholar or sky

Origin: English

20. Zene

Meaning: Beautiful

Origin: Deeply rooted in African culture


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