The Rise of the Mumpreneur

More and more woman are creatively approaching their career success and carving out opportunities which allow them to chase their career goals, earn their own money and maintain their independence, yet remain engaged and present in their role as mother.

The community of mumpreneurs is growing at a rapid rate because women are inspiring and supporting each other to achieve both career and family goals. Women are seeing gaps in the market and coming up with product that make family life easier, and in turn forging a path for other women to create and grow their own businesses.

These are not little hobby businesses being set up by this group of women; multi-million dollar organisations are being founded through the desire to achieve a work-life balance that eludes many corporate roles.

These are strong, intelligent, career focused women and their reach is evident through the number of networking events, programs and awards specifically for mumpreneurs. In fact, according to the Bureau of Statistics, home-based businesses are one of the fastest growing business sectors in Australia, with mothers of young children three times more likely to be self-employed compared to other working women.

Of course, this comes with its challenges but women are showing themselves to be exceptional improvisors. Setting up their desks in the living room, sharing child-minding with friends who have children the same age and working at sleep times. Now the market is responding and providing tools to help mums achieve their career dreams and still remain active and present parents.

Tools such as video/audio monitors, are changing the face of the juggle that parents all over Australia are doing when trying to work from home. In particular, the video/audio monitor means you can actually work at home and fully engage with your work, as you can put your baby to sleep in their room, set up your work in another room and check on them without moving from your desk.

Now that companies are recognising there is a need to support this group of business owners, and that there is a strong market for products that enable modern parents to nurture both their career and their children, more and more women will join the growing ranks of successful Mumpreneurs.

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