Prams – things to consider before you buy

When it comes to making your first baby purchases, it can be a mind boggling experience when there are simply so many options to choose from.

Of the myriad of baby products you’ve no doubt got on your to-buy list, possibly the most important when it comes to considering the options, is a pram.

Unlike other high ticket items, such as a cot, there are endless pram options to choose from. It’s important to think carefully, because you’ll be using your pram a lot of the time, for a long time.

When it comes to Choosing a Pram here a some tips to consider before taking the plunge:


The cost range for prams is significant, starting at a couple of hundred and going into the thousands. So it’s a good idea to give yourself a maximum budget to begin with so you don’t get tempted by products that don’t fit within it.

Getting from place to place

It’s important to remember to make sure your pram fits comfortably into the boot of your car if you’ll be taking it with you.

Depending on whether you’ll be grocery shopping or having other children to manage (meaning you might have only one arm free!), be sure to consider the weight of the pram, as well as the ease in which it folds and unfolds.

If you frequently catch public transport, you’ll need to make sure you can easily get your pram on and off and that it’s not too big and bulky.

Where are you heading?

Some prams are specially designed for running, but may be wider, while a narrower pram might suit more frequent trips to the shops.

If you’re going to be dropping off and collecting older children from school or kindergarten, you might want to consider a travel system that includes a car capsule to allow your baby to nap easily without being disturbed and transfers easily from pram to car and vice versa.

Or if you’re planning to be at the one place for long periods of time, a bassinet attachment allowing bub to lie flat might be worth considering.

Choosing the right pram

Do you – or will you – have other children?

These days there’s a vast array of options allowing for multiple children to be transported. You’ll need to consider the weight restrictions as well as the positioning of the seats.

Some prams offer one or more add-ons to allow for different ages and requirements such as toddler seats or skateboards, while others offer complete travel solution suitable for multiple children from birth until toddlerhood and beyond.

Your budget and how often you intend to use the pram will determine which option is best.

Bumbleride Era Pram

Other features

Like cars, prams come with a range of different features which some brands might consider standard, while others might offer them at an additional cost.

It can be difficult to know which features are important to you and your family until after you’ve made your purchase, however some things to consider include:

  • Good air circulation
  • The size of the basket
  • Weather protection – shade provision and rain cover options
  • Drink holders and other easy-access compartments
  • Position of the brake
  • Newborn inserts
  • Removable bumpers for toys and safety
  • Adjustable handle height
  • Insect protection
  • Reversable seat (some prams include reversible seats so you can face younger babies)
  • Adjustable backrest to allow different levels of recline
  • Footrest


Your pram should include a 5 point harness that can be adjusted as your baby grows. It should comply with the Australian Standard AS/NZ S 2088

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