As a mum to two adorable boys, I am well aware that my life is going to consist of lots of dirty and messy moments in the future, so when I was asked to test drive the new Redsbaby JIVEI was beyond excited to have this stylish pram to accommodate my growing family!

Redsbaby Jive5 Real mum review

Redsbaby have done an amazing job with the new JIVE listening to what parents need in a pram for a growing family. They are not wrong when they say the JIVE is better than ever!

I love that this pram is so versatile that we can use it as a single or double pram, converting with ease when I need it. I was also really impressed with the innovative easy fold of the JIVE with the seat attached. What a game changer for us time-poor parents!

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review 5

The Redsbaby JIVE pram allows for parent facing or forward facing with the ergonomic seat that can recline flat for nap times. My previous pram did not recline flat and my first son would never really have restful naps in his pram. Since the Redsbaby JIVE has been a part of our lives, my baby has slept so well…as I am sure many parents can agree, sleeping babies are the dream!

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review


With a very busy lifestyle and being out of the house most days with my boys we have certainly been giving the Redsbaby JIVE a good workout. This pram is very much up to the task of keeping up with our lifestyle!

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review

The JIVE has a really light frame at 7.5kgs. This makes is really easy to lift in and out of the back of the Ute which at the end of a busy day my back and arms are thankful for. The basket is easy accessible with a good amount of storage space and more room for my toddler and his ever-growing collection of trucks to ride in style while out and about!

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review

Another feature of the Redsbaby JIVE that I love…is the wheels. When looking for a pram, I think it’s important to find one that can keep up with your lifestyle. As a mum of 2 boys this pram needs to be robust. We often go over dirt tracks or chase mud puddles and the puncture proof wheels and great suspension, allow for a smooth ride for my baby whilst we are out on adventures. They also have a new and improved larger brake paddle which I have used many times to ensure my baby is safe while tending to the toddler or chasing after a runaway bike!

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review


The Redsbaby JIVE is jam packed with amazing features that I feel is quite affordable for what you get. I love the fact that it comes with the bassinet included for newborn days, and the main seat for when your baby grows.

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review with bassinet

It is also able to accommodate a growing family with the addition of the Second Seat Conversion Kit or Buggyboard. It can expand into many different combinations to allow you to customise the pram for your family, whilst still maintaining its compact and lightweight functionality.

Performance/Standout Features

One of the key features I love about the JIVE is the new improved harness system. The Redsbaby Prams offer a 5 point safety harness system, but the key feature I love is the new single slider system which allows you to adjust the heights of the shoulder straps on the ergonomic slider in seconds! I have a 2 year old who can be a little indecisive, so being able to quickly adjust the safety harness to his size or make it smaller for his brother depending on his choice of seat has been a game changer.

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review 4

One thing I think all parents should know about the Redsbaby Jive5 range is the fact that they include the bassinet in your purchase. This bassinet is amazing and suitable for overnight sleeping when used with the bassinet stand. Their bassinet features large mesh ventilation panels and a breathable mattress allowing a comfortable ride for your newborn and allows them to safely sleep while out and about. I only wish I had this pram with my newborn, as we didn’t have a pram suitable for him when he was born so it made it a lot harder to get out and about at a young age.

Redsbaby Jive5-Pram-Real-Mum-Review 2

The JIVE comes in a timeless colour palette with premium materials and finishes that means the pram will never go out of style.


I would absolutely recommend the Redsbaby Jive5 Pram to other mums. I have been really impressed with the design improvements and Redsbaby have really listened to what parents need and want out of a pram.

The JIVE is also a very aesthetically pleasing pram which I have already had many comments at the park about how compact and adaptable the pram is. I also can’t begin to describe how great the market-leading JIVE fold with the seat attached is when trying to leave the park in a hurry to avoid your kids falling asleep in the car before you get home!

Thanks Redsbaby for making a pram that actually makes life easier for a busy parent to get out and about with her babies in style!