13 Weeks Pregnant

Your baby’s reflexes are beginning to develop in your 13 weeks and he or she may be responding to stimuli by bending or flexing legs and arms.

This is also the week during which your baby may start to put their thumb into their mouth although they may not suck it.

The eyelids will fuse together until the thirtieth week so that the eyes can develop.

Changes to Your Body:

Levels of hCG, oestrogen and progesterone shift again and most women will find the nausea starting to fade at 13 weeks. It is around this time that you may experience an increase in energy and an even further increase in appetite.

The blood flow in your body increases and this may lead to a runny nose or bleeding gums.

Lifestyle Considerations:

As you will probably be feeling a little better and more energetic at 13 weeks, this is a good week to tackle your to do list and start thinking about shopping for baby furniture or clothes or planning how to decorate the nursery.

General Advice:

Getting up from your chair and walking around once every hour may help stave off the painful leg cramps that are sometimes associated with pregnancy weight gain.

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