13 Weeks Pregnant: Can You Tell Gender at 13 Weeks?

Your baby’s reflexes are beginning to develop in your 13 weeks pregnant belly and the baby may respond to stimuli by bending or flexing legs and arms. The eyelids fuse together so that the eyes develop. At a 13 week ultrasound, you may notice your baby starting to put their thumb in their mouth, although they may not suck it. Your little boy or girl is about the length of a pea pod.

A question often asked is, “can you tell gender at 13 weeks?” By the 13 week ultrasound gender of your baby is sometimes clear to see on the scan, as shown by the sex organs, or it may take at least a few more weeks to determine gender. As you look at the girl or boy ultrasound at 13 weeks, take note that unique fingerprints are now available at the tips of your baby’s fingers.

Changes to Your Body:

Levels of hCG, estrogen, and progesterone shift again and, as a result, 13 weeks pregnant symptoms like nausea fade for many women. Around this time, you may notice a boost in energy and a further increase in appetite. The blood flow in your body rises too, which may lead to a runny nose or other 13 weeks pregnant symptoms like bleeding gums.

In week 13 pregnancy, you may also notice stretch marks appearing on your breasts, hips, abdomen, or buttocks. You may experience heartburn, as well as notice the larger size of your breasts. The breast size increases at 13 weeks pregnant because the mammary ducts are preparing for milk production. Veins may appear right under the skin of the breasts too.

Lifestyle Considerations:

As you will probably feel a little better and more energetic in your week 13 pregnancy, it is a good week to tackle your to-do list. Also, start thinking about shopping for baby furniture or clothes, as well as planning how to decorate the nursery.

Depending whether you have a boy or girl ultrasound at 13 weeks, you may want to choose colors or designs traditional for each gender. Alternately, you may choose a gender-neutral decorating style.

It is still safe to have sex, as long as on your 13 week ultrasound shows normal progression and all is healthy. The baby is protected by your abdomen, the womb’s amniotic fluid, and the mucus plug sealing your cervix.

If you feel forgetful, rest assured many pregnant women feel the same way. Try writing down what you need to remember on paper so that you can refer to it later if it is important.

General Advice:

To help stave off the painful leg cramps that often associate with carrying the weight of a 13 weeks pregnant belly, take the initiative to get up from your seat and walk around once every hour.

Share your 13 week ultrasound gender with family, friends, and coworkers of your choosing, if you wish. Doing so can help you stay in good spirits during what may seem like a long pregnancy. Keep a copy of the 13 week ultrasound on your fridge or desk where you can see it often; it will encourage you to smile, as well as motivating you to continue with the to-do list.

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