Week 38 Of Your Pregnancy

Week 38! Hang in there….only two weeks to go! Your baby is ready to be born at any time now. Problem is, it’s just so cosy and warm in your belly and some babies just don’t want to come out. Your baby has really plumped up now, and probably weighs between two and three kilos. They are still the size of a watermelon – just a bigger watermelon compared to last week.

Your baby will continue putting on fat and getting stronger in your belly until he or she is ready to come out.


If a natural birth seems like it might be risky, you may be advised to have an elective caesarean instead. A caesarean is sometimes recommended for babies that are positioned feet or bottom first (breech births) or for multiple births. You may also be advised to have a caesarean if the placenta is blocking the baby’s exit from uterus or if you have a medical condition like high blood pressure which could make natural birth and labour dangerous. Caesarean birth comes with certain risks and the recovery is much longer than for a natural birth. If you are considering a caesarean it’s important to do your research so you can make a fully informed decision.


Your nesting instinct has probably kicked in well and truly, which is a good sign. Even though it’s hard to resist the urge to nest, try to remember that labour is very physically demanding so if you’ve been moving furniture and climbing on chairs to clean in corners that you didn’t know existed until now, you’ll be tired before labour even arrives. So try to be sensible. Here’s a bit more information about nesting.


In case you’re wondering what will unfold once you’ve had your baby, it’s a massive learning curve, but the hospital staff are mindful of new Mums and generally explain everything. One thing that sometimes takes new Mums by surprise is the testing of your baby that takes place while you’re in hospital. It’s a good idea to be across this so it doesn’t cause you any anxiety when it all happens. You can read all about the post-birth tests here.

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