Week 38 Of Your Pregnancy

Your baby will continue putting on fat and getting stronger in your belly until he or she is ready to come out.


If a natural birth seems like it might be risky, you may be advised to have an elective caesarean instead. A caesarean is sometimes recommended for babies that are positioned feet or bottom first (breech births) or for multiple births. You may also be advised to have a caesarean if the placenta is blocking the baby’s exit from uterus or if you have a medical condition like high blood pressure which could make natural birth and labour dangerous. Caesarean birth comes with certain risks and the recovery is much longer than for a natural birth. If you are considering a caesarean it’s important to do your research so you can make a fully informed decision.


During the last few days before you give birth your nesting instincts may kick in. This instinct usually manifests itself as obsessive cleaning and organising and many women report experiencing it around this time.


Although your nesting instincts are telling you to clean, paint and even renovate it is a good idea to stay away from any kind of heavy labour. Also be sure not to expose yourself to harsh fumes from paint and cleaning chemicals.

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