Newborn Baby Bedding

Many families are concerned about the amount of chemicals in our everyday lives. While we might not be able to remove all the chemicals our family is exposed to, we can reduce the amount in the home. When a new baby comes into the family, it is just as important to surround the baby with all-natural products. Since babies sleep nearly half of the day, it only makes sense to make sure they are sleeping in a safe environment.

There are many styles of all-natural bedding. You can find blankets, sheets, swaddling blankets – pretty much the same selection you would have with other baby bedding options. They even come in a wide variety of colours, not just neutral tones.

Having organic bedding is better for your baby’s health – as opposed to the 50/50 non-organic cotton and polyester blend that is made from a petrochemical. These chemicals can irritate the tender newborn skin. Another chemical found in bedding and other fabrics is the fire-retardant chemical PBDE. This chemical is sprayed on to the product, so it gets into the environment quicker than other chemicals.

Many people have allergic reactions to some of the chemicals in household goods. By reducing the amount of chemicals your family is exposed to, it will reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

If you check with your local baby speciality store, they may have a limited selection of all-natural products. There are several websites where you can purchase organic bedding. Many of them specialise in baby blankets, but some carry bedding for larger beds as well. The price is comparable to other bedding sets.

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