Ectopic Pregnancy

Ectopic Pregnancy is commonly known as tubular pregnancy. The word “Ectopic” stands for body part found in an unusual position. As a woman it is important for you to know about it because it is difficult to detect.

Before discussing the detection and its early ectopic pregnancy symptoms, let’s know first important information about this pregnancy condition.

What Is Ectopic Pregnancy?

When the embryo develops outside your uterus, it is called ectopic pregnancy. Usually, the embryo gets implanted in your fallopian tube instead of the uterus. Such pregnancies are also known as tubal pregnancies. They can even occur at other pelvic places like your abdomen, ovary, or cervix and is diagnosed through the early ectopic pregnancy symptom.

Normally a fertilised egg implants itself inside the womb (uterus). It attaches itself to tissues other than the lining of the womb. The most common occurrence is in the fallopian tube. It can also happen in the cervix, or in any organ in the pelvic region. In the initial stages the woman experiences only the normal early symptoms. But when the egg grows bigger you start experiencing the other various symptoms.

What Are The Symptoms?

You must know that the fetus can be nurtured only in the womb. Therefore, in most cases, the body rejects this abnormal pregnancy by spontaneous miscarriage. When this does not happen, medical intervention is required. Look out for any sign of ectopic pregnancy.

  • Abdominal pain is one of the first symptoms. This pain can be constant and severe and its onset, sudden. This happens when the egg grows in size.
  • Shoulder pain, which intensifies while breathing is an alternative symptom.
  • Pain during visits to the bathroom.
  • Vaginal bleeding different from normal periods.
  • Diarrhea, paleness, light headedness, collapsing.
  • Increasing pulse rate, falling blood pressure.

If you suspect an ectopic pregnancy, rush to your doctor for immediate help. Your doctor will confirm it through internal examination or an ultrasound.

What Are The Causes?

As explained earlier, the fertilised egg implants itself outside the womb and starts developing there. If it occurs in the fallopian tubes, it can cause bursting or damage of the tubes. Bursting of the tube is a life-threatening situation. Risk of such pregnancy increases with following factors.

  • Already damaged fallopian tube(s) due infections such as pelvic inflammatory disease or by previous surgery, scar tissue.
  • Previous ectopic pregnancies.
  • Getting pregnant when on contraceptive-coil or certain types of contraceptive pill.
  • Pregnancies through test tube methods. Even though fertilised egg is placed directly in the uterus it can attach itself elsewhere.

What Are The Treatments?

If you are lucky with a natural miscarriage, that is great. If you are not so, medication and or surgical intervention are the only solutions. With present day technologies, it is much easier to detect and treat this condition. However methods are not available to transplant the egg from the wrong position to the uterus. The doctor can only get rid of the wrongly positioned egg from your body.

We advise you to do your homework too. Read and understand more on all issues related, to avoid panic. It is more beneficial if you do this as you plan for pregnancy.

An abnormal pregnancy period like this followed by surgical intervention can be devastating for a mother-to-be. But the reassuring fact is that most women go on to have normal pregnancies when they attempt later. It is advisable to give a gap of few cycles before getting pregnant again. Let it not happen to you. But be prepared if you find yourself with an ectopic pregnancy.

Ectopic pregnancy is a big risk to your life. On getting pregnant look out for the symptoms of early pregnancy. Be knowledgeable about the ectopic pregnancy symptoms. If you fear that you have an ectopic pregnancy, consult a doctor at once.

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