Five Things in Pregnancy That Are Completely Normal

There are so many things happening in your body from the moment conception takes place – your hormones are having a party and your body is the venue, so it’s no surprise that you will feel some weird (and wonderful) sensations as you grow your baby. So here’s our list of five things in pregnancy that are completely normal.

Leg Cramps

While these are not so wonderful, they are completely normal in pregnancy. Leg cramps can be caused by an increase in circulation, carrying extra weight or by mineral deficiencies. They can come on quite suddenly and can also wake you in the night. Their sudden onset can be alarming, but apart from being painful at the time, won’t cause you or you baby any harm. Doing some regular gentle stretches may help, wearing low heeled shoes and taking regular walks may also help. If they persist speak to your health care provider.

Round Ligament Pain

Round ligament pain can be quite alarming because it can feel like period pain. This can cause panic for some women, especially those who have experienced a miscarriage. However, round ligament pain is completely normal and is a result of your baby growing and your uterus stretching to accommodate the baby. The pain usually doesn’t last and changing positions will often help. Sleeping with a pillow between your legs can provide support over night.

Sleep Disturbances and Insomnia

Interrupted sleep is very common in pregnancy and arguably you are in training for when the baby arrives! More frequent urination over night is usually the initial culprit, but as your belly grows finding a comfortable position becomes more challenging. Hormones can also play a part. Investing in a good body pillow will help with finding a comfortable position. Try a warm bath before bed with a little lavender oil. Regular gentle exercise will also aid the quality of your sleep. Avoid coffee in the afternoons and try not to drink too much water in the evening.

Skin Pigmentation Changes

This is one of the happier (but strange) side effects of pregnancy. Known as ‘chloasma’ or the ‘mask of pregnancy’, it is caused by increasing oestrogen levels and can appear in patches on your face, and as the dark line that runs from the top to the bottom of some women’s bellies. It may turn your freckles or moles a darker shade of brown, and is responsible for the darkening of the areola. If it bothers you, wear sunscreen daily and try to stay out of direct sunlight. However, because it’s hormone related it probably won’t disappear completely until after the birth or after you’ve finished breast feeding.

Thick Glossy Hair

Another positive side effect of pregnancy is hair that is thick, healthy and glossy. This time the pregnancy hormones are on your side and the result is that you stop shedding hair at the same rate as pre-pregnancy. Some lucky women will experience more body or more curl in their hair while pregnant. Sadly, it’s only temporary and after birth or when you’ve finished breast feeding you’ll experience increased hair loss as it evens itself out. Don’t be alarmed if you feel like you are losing huge amounts of hair after the birth; because you didn’t shed much while pregnant, you’ll have plenty to part with.