Top 5 Spring activities to do with Baby

Spring is in the air, and with the arrival of the warmer weather and a little more colour splashed about, many of us mums are longing to step outside the four walls and venture outside. 

With a baby in tow, Spring is the perfect time to spend some quality time just being together, enjoying the warm sun, fresh air and cool breeze. 

No need to spend a fortunate – all you really need is a hat, some sunscreen, a few snacks and a spring in your step. 

Here are our top 5 Spring activities to do with baby:

  1. Have a Picnic – take a drive to find the perfect spot – or simply open your back door – lay down a cozy blanket and enjoy a picnic in the sun. Before you go, pack a basket with a delicious lunch for yourself, and a selection of your baby’s favourite snacks. Pop in a speaker for some music and a couple of toys, and your afternoon is set. 
  2. Go on a bush walk – pop on some gentle mozzie spray, some sunscreen and load up the pram with water and snacks, before heading to your local bushtrack. See how many animals and insects you and baby can spot  in the wild – he’ll be delighted by the sounds he hears along the way, while you get active and enjoy being close to nature.
  3. Collect flowers – Spring has sprung and so have the blooms, so why not head out for a walk with bub and collect some of the brightest and most beautiful flowers along the way.  Talk to your baby about the colours and shapes and let her take control. When you get back, pop the kettle on, make yourself a cuppa, and let your little one play with her loot. 
  4. Make cloud shapes – grab some blankets, a bunch of pillows, head outside and get comfy. Lie down with bub by your side, enjoy the closeness of lying next to each other and look up at the clouds. Try to spot some familiar shapes with your little one, get creative, and maybe even drift off for a little catnap. 
  5. Feed the ducks – raid the pantry for some old bread and crackers, and make your way to the nearest lake for a tried and tested activity which you’ll enjoy just as much as your tot.  Give hand-feeding a try and let bub throw some bread into the lake and watch the birds gather around. Take a walk around the lake while you’re there.
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