Practical Gifts for New Parents

It’s lovely when you have a baby and people come to meet the baby, see how you are and bring gifts. But sometimes the gifts, while coming from a place of kindness, are not very practical.

Here are a list of practical gifts that you can buy for any new parent, that will be useful and appreciated:

Cleaning Service – there is so much to do when you bring a new born home. Purchasing a voucher for some house cleaning will mean that parents can focus on their baby. While it’s easy to say ‘let the housework keep’, many people find it incredibly stressful living in house where the floors haven’t been mopped nor the toilet and shower cleaned. Sending someone over to do the heavy basic stuff like vacuuming, mopping and bathrooms will be a welcome relief for any new parent.

Food Delivery Box – Cooking a healthy meal while looking after a baby is hard – sometimes Mum may not manage a shower till late afternoon, so the thought of planning and preparing nutritious food is a big ask. Ready made meals, delivered to the door for a week is a God-send for the new mother. It’s more important than ever that she is eating well so she can cope with the demands of a new born and the vast energy supplies required to get breast milk supply up, if breast feeding.

Nappy Supplies – A box of nappies can be pretty expensive. Keeping in mind that it’s likely the new family will be down one wage with one parent staying home to look after the baby. A box of nappies, nappy rash creme, baby bath lotions – anything that a new baby requires that is an ongoing expense is a worthwhile gift. If you’re going to purchase nappies think about getting the next size up from newborn; babies grow so quickly so it will cover them for when they are a little bigger. Nappies might not be cute but it will be useful and greatly appreciated.

A Hamper of Practical Things – think natural baby skincare products for bathing, teething aid, Infacol (for wind), Lansinoh Nipple Cream, cold packs for nipples, breast milk bags, baby bath temperature gauge, baby thermometer, window shades for the car. All those little things add up and to be gifted them when starting out is a huge help.

Selfie-stick – There are so many photos of baby, and baby and Dad but so few of Mum and baby. A selfie-stick means Mum doesn’t have to absent from the baby album when the visitors stop, Dad goes back to work and family stop popping in. When normal life resumes and it’s just Mum and bub, being able to capture these times is precious.

New PJs for Mum – think about giving your gift early and buying a beautiful pair of PJs for Mum to wear in hospital. Be sure to get button down PJs or nightie to accommodate easy access for breast feeds.

A Baby Carrier or Sling – baby wearing is becoming more and more mainstream and many women will tell you how much easier it is to strap their bub into a sling or carrier while they pop in to the supermarket. It is also a lovely way for Dad to be close to bub.

For the Nursery – think practical, a night light and or baby monitor to make keeping an eye on baby at all times easier.