One of the tasks that many new parents find almost impossible to do in the early weeks and months with a newborn is cooking wholesome meals. That was definitely the case for me – I mostly lived on toast! The fourth trimester is an exciting but demanding period (nothing quite prepares you for that kind of sleep deprivation), and it should be a time of slowing down, resting, recovering from the birth, and getting to know your newest family addition.

The sad reality for many new Australian parents these days is the lack of ‘village’. Unlike many cultures around the world, there isn’t the same rallying around of family and friends to come and help with the new baby and to look after the domestic duties while the mother rests.

My issue (with my first baby anyway; I learnt my lesson!) was more that I thought asking for help meant I was failing at parenthood. I attempted to battle on solo, but it was detrimental to my physical and mental health.

Nourishing food plays an essential role in speeding up postpartum recovery, and if you’re breastfeeding, it’s important for your milk supply and for your baby’s growth and development. Knowing that doesn’t mean you’ve got the energy, headspace, or time to get into the kitchen, though, does it?

That’s where FoodSt comes in. I wish they were around when I had my first baby! I was fortunate enough to recently trial the FoodSt New Parent Meal Box, and I have to say that the whole process was super easy and the food was amazing! My children are way past the newborn stage, so they also got to trial the meals. They loved them! So, if you’ve got older children as well as a newborn, you’ve got the whole family’s meals sorted.

FoodSt Kara

As a busy mum and Newborn Baby’s editor, it was perfect to have the meals ready and on hand. After a long day and school/kinder pick-ups when the kids are ‘hangry’, the FoodSt meals were a total no-brainer – just heat and serve! I’ll definitely be ordering more.

Take it from me, FoodSt will simplify your life in the newborn bubble while supporting your nutritional needs…and your sweet tooth cravings – after nine months of eating a fairly restricted diet, you can now treat yourself! It’s all homemade, and it’s a much cheaper and more delicious alternative to takeaway meals.

FoodSt is an online platform for home cooking, and they’ve just launched their New Parent Meal Box – a must-have survival kit for the fourth trimester, and the perfect gift or group gift from family and friends.

What’s in the FoodSt New Parent Meal Box?

Each New Parent Meal Box contains 5 nutritious double serves of FoodSt’s biggest sellers, plus a delicious sweet treat. Simply order them online for contactless delivery, and then pop them in your freezer and they’re ready to heat and eat.

  • New Mum Michelle’s family friendly Spinach & Ricotta Cannelloni
  • Pastry Pro Mariana’s authentic South American Spicy Chicken Empanadas


  • Newtown icon Sally’s signature Parliament On King Pumpkin & Potato Curry
  • Super Dad Ben’s Italian Meatballs and Spaghetti with Parmesan Cheese


  • Bill & Dan’s premium produce packed Fish Burgers
  • Maurice’s moreish Caramel Slice – because you’ve earned it!


What is FoodSt?

FoodSt is a collective of passionate home cooks who create healthy, great quality, authentic food from all over the world, including Italian, Burmese, Mexican, and Australian traditional family recipes.

Each meal tells a story of the FoodSt cooks. Literally. On the packaging of each meal is a QR code, and when you scan it you’ll be taken to the website to Meet the Cook who made your meal. This unique feature empowers these talented home cooks to connect communities through their love of food.

How to order or give the gift of home cooking

To order a New Parent Meal Box for yourself or someone else, head here.

RRP $89.00 plus delivery.

You also have the option to become a member of their Supper Club to get free delivery and $15 store credit every month.

If you’re ordering meals for someone else and you’re not really sure what they like, give them a FoodSt gift card. Hint to family and friends that you’d love one, too!