Newborn Grunting While Sleeping at Night

NBB Question from Aimee:
I have a 5 week old boy who is big…nearly 6 kgs! He is formula fed now as we had issues with breast feeding, He feeds at 2am and more often than not will grunt and squirm very loudly and will not resettle. I struggle to get wind from most bottles but particularly after this feed. My issue is when he doesn’t resettle he has a terrible day from what I presume is being overtired. He doesn’t appear constipated but does only poo once a day but decent size and runny not hard. I have tried raising the bassinet at head end, swaddle up and swaddle down, holding him upwards after his feed, wind drops but none appear to make a difference. Should I consider a different formula or bottle or should I just get over it and leave it alone until he sorts it out?

You are not the only one with a newborn grunting baby. I spent years of working within a parenting centre at night and the grunting and squirming that went on while parents blissfully slept was amazing!

If your boy is eventually waking himself, that is when he needs you, otherwise, try and leave him and see if he just goes back to sleep. I have seen it so often and there is generally nothing wrong.

There maybe something else going on with your baby, but the fact that his poo is soft is fantastic!

Some babies look like they are moving mountains and finally they do a soft poo and you wonder what all that fuss was about!  Well … it would be a strange sensation to have the urge to poop. As adults we take it for granted because we have done it once or twice before. Babies would experience a pressure sensation so they put an enormous effort in to deal with it.  Some babies you don’t even notice pooing, you just ‘find’ it, others have such a moment, that there is no way you cannot know they are working on something. I am going to be completely sexist here, but I am not sure about you, but from my experience with many babies … and adults …who takes the longest in the bathroom at your place?  I say that with a smile, please don’t take it too seriously!!!

I always hesitate with switching formula while the baby has such a young and still maturing digestive system.  If you think it is formula, have a quick chat to your Maternal Health Nurse because if your baby is otherwise settled, perhaps this will pass as he matures.

Sometimes we swap formulas and the unsettledness persists.  Yes, some babies are not willing to share their burps when feeding, so be sure you do lots of tummy time so he has the chance to pass the wind freely by other means!

Wishing you well. I hope that helps a little. If you need further advice from Helen click here